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  • 1996-now


    On a quest to find a her place in the world, Chandra, was convinced by her brother that there was life beyond the borders of New York. Armed with a one way ticket and a couple of dollars, at the age of 23, she embarked on the first true adventure of her life, from Manhattan to Maui.
    Since, she's called these places home: San Diego. Sequim. Albany. Alaska. Austin, where she currently resides with her husband and together they homeschool/unschool their two young children

  • 2004

    Lost & Found

    Chandra lost all hope for life after the untimely death of her brother, Rafael. He was her mentor, best friend, hero. Engulfed in grief, she'd visit and revisit the photographs taken throughout their lives. Photographs and memories were all that were left.
    A month prior to his death, she'd met her now husband, Curt, while living in Alaska. They married in May of 2006. Hope was fully born back into her life four months later, with the birth of their daughter Abigale. Then again in 2009 with the birth of son Atlas Rafael.

  • HOPE


  • 2004-PreSENT


    She began and continues to create art as a source of healing & to help others heal. By seeking beauty in the everyday, she chooses gratitude over grief. Chandra works to create and share a unique perspective of our spaces, our relationship with nature and time.

    Her works span from abstract to conceptual to candid, with a continuous narrative of connection. Within the collections she strives to fuse past, present and future, through each timeless piece.


  • 2015

    Grit. Grace. GO

    Personal Note:
    It's an honor and privilege to have this opportunity to share my collections, lessons and life with you. My hope for you, is for each piece to move you, each lesson or event sets you on your path to fulfillment, action and gratitude.
    My guess is that you too are a life learner, determined to live your truth and try to focus on living in the now with intention.
    This 2015  we'll  be offering numerous  creative and business workshops, family and personal retreats around the globe.
    Over the years, up and down many paths there are a multitude of things I've learned along the way. It's here @ChandraInc I hope to share some of these stories and lessons with you.
    Driven to present you with the tools for you to see your own strength, resilience and consider a fresh perspective no matter your struggles.
    Please do join us on this journey of -- whole living, as we strive to be relentlessly present with gratitude, grit & grace.

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